About Reersted - Empowering Potential

My main goal is to help people and organizations excel by using my experience from +20 years in Human Resources (15 years in top management) in combination with my interest in people. "Empowering" because I want to help people grow and get stronger, enabling them to take control of their life and career. "Potential" because we all have potential and will grow a lot from understanding and using this knowledge. Not all of us know exactly what our potential is, but that is where I can help. 

I have been working in the Human Resource area since 1996. I am used to interaction and cooperation with chairmen of boards, CEOs, Presidents, Directors, managers and employees.  

I have a substantial insight in running a business, the leadership challenges and the employee issues that often arise. Being a people person I have been consulted by all levels of the organization.  I thrive in helping people solve their problems and get good feedback on my efforts.

Executive Coaching, Outplacement and Team Development

My main business area is Executive Coaching as I enjoy helping leaders become the best version of themselves and ensure their success.

The second is Outplacement as I know the recruitment area very well (I have had more than 1,000 interviews) and I really enjoy helping people find their "new chair". Getting to the bottom of a person's skills and detecting what you are really good at, is a most interesting journey that I enjoy taking with my clients.

My third business area is development of teams. Understanding the team dynamics and the roles each individual play, is something that I am also very good at and really enjoy. There is nothing like optimising a team's output and sustaining the engagement and employee satisfaction at the same time. 
My primary tools are my own people understanding and my long experience in the HR field. I also use personality and talent/strenght tests from well renowned companies and is certified in the Ofman model "Core Quadrants".


If you want to know more about how I work or would like to discuss a problem you need help with, you can contact me by:

  • calling    +45 93 700 365 or
  • e-mail me at Charlotte@Reersted.com.
I look forward to hearing from you. 

Who am I?

My name is Charlotte Reersted  and I have:

  • More than 20 years experience as a manager, 15 of these in top management. 
  • I am certified in 5 different test systems.
  • Education in Business Administration and Marketing, Human Resource Development, NLP Business Practitioning and Facilitating (Pacific Institute, London).
  • Further training in Leadership and HR by the Federation of Danish Industry, Copenhagen Business School and Ashridge Hult University.
  • Co-writer of the book "Dansk Ledelse i særklasse - En antologi om HR der virker" - a book about Excellent Danish Leadership - based on HR that works. 

I take great pride in solving the tasks to my clients' full satisfaction, with 100 % discretion and high responsibility.