About Reersted - Empowering Potential 

My main goal is to help people and organizations excel by using my experience from +20 years in Human Resources (15 years in top management) in combination with my interest in people. I use "Empowering" in my company name because I want to help people grow and get stronger, enabling them to take control of their life and career. "Potential" because we all have potential and will grow a lot from understanding and using this knowledge. Not all of us know exactly what our potential is, but that is where I can help. 

I have been working in the Human Resource area since 1996. I am used to interaction and cooperation with chairmen of boards, CEOs, Presidents, Directors, managers and employees.  

I have a substantial insight in running a business, the leadership challenges and the employee issues that often arise. Being a people person I have been consulted by all levels of the organization.  I thrive in helping people solve their problems and get good feedback on my efforts.

Executive Coaching, Outplacement and Team Development

My main business area is Executive Coaching as I enjoy helping leaders become the best version of themselves and ensure their success. I help them understand where their passion lies and to find strategies that help them overcome the difficult parts of their leadership tasks. On the longer term I become part of their Advisory Board to help sustain their development process.

My other business area is development of teams. Understanding the team dynamics and the roles each individual play, is something that I am also very good at and really enjoy. There is nothing like optimising a team's output and sustaining the engagement and employee satisfaction at the same time. 
My primary tool is my own people understanding and my long experience in the HR field. I also use personality and talent/strenght tests from well renowned companies and is certified in the Ofman model "Core Quadrants".


If you want to know more about how I work or would like to discuss a problem you need help with, you can contact me by:

  • calling    +45 93 700 365 or
  • e-mail me at Charlotte@Reersted.com.
I look forward to hearing from you. 

Who am I?

My name is Charlotte Reersted  and I have:

  • More than 20 years experience as a manager, 15 of these in top management. 
  • I am certified in 5 different test systems.
  • Education in Business Administration and Marketing, Human Resource Development, NLP Business Practitioning and Facilitating (Pacific Institute, London).
  • Further training in Leadership and HR by the Federation of Danish Industry, Copenhagen Business School and Ashridge Hult University.
  • Co-writer of the book "Dansk Ledelse i særklasse - En antologi om HR der virker" - a book about Excellent Danish Leadership - based on HR that works. 

I take great pride in solving the tasks to my clients' full satisfaction, with 100 % discretion and high responsibility.